30 May 2008

the truth behind Hizbullah’s weapons

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Forget everything that you’ve heard. In an epiphany, I have realized why Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is so reluctanct to relinquesh Hizbullah’s weapons: doing so would entail the truly revolutionary act of changing Hizbullah’s icon, the kashlinikov-clutching alif (Arabic letter “a”) of “Allah” on its flag.

It is kind of difficult to imagine an equally-powerful symbol that could replace that image… A hand weilding an olive branch? Too predictable. A pair of hands with a dove taking flight from them? Too soppy.

They could get rid of the hand completely and just leave the alif but that would probably send very negative images about hands being chopped off in retaliation or punishment… So the hand has to stay. It could remain empty, in a closed fist, but that would be too reminiscient of ‘black power’. If it were unclenched, open-palmed, that would be replicating the symbol of Zimbabwe’s MDC.

So really, when you thinkabout it, all the good hand-images have been claimed already. And apart from merely imprinting a “void” stamp over the gun, Hizb really don’t have much choice but to keep the symbol and the weapons it represents. Poor blokes.

28 May 2008

UK ready to scrap cluster bombs

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The government is preparing to scrap Britain’s entire arsenal of cluster bombs in the face of a growing clamour against weapons that have killed and maimed hundreds of innocent civilians.

Officials are paving the way for the unexpected and radical step at talks in Dublin on an international treaty aimed at a worldwide ban on the bombs.

Well-placed sources made clear yesterday that despite opposition from the military, the government is prepared to get rid of the cluster munitions in Britain’s armoury: the lsraeli-designed M85 artillery weapon used during the 2003 invasion of Iraq and in attacks on Lebanon two years ago; and the M73, part of a weapons system for Apache helicopters.”

Even though I have realized the Israeli’s fondness of these little metallic agents of maiming, amputation and death, I did not realize that they had actually come up with the idea. Although, with their embarassing records of civilian casualties (deliberate?) in every military campaign they have ever engaged, in  it doesn’t surprise me.

In fact, they probably have a copyright on the M85 and therefore profit according to how many weapons are produced and used; an undeniable economic argument for their aggression.

Well, glad to know that for once the UK is putting its money where its mouth is.