16 June 2008

Are you a high-profile government official? Join in the trend and stop over in Beirut to show your support for Lebanon’s functional democracy while you can!

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Condoleeza Rice: one of the few lucky people who can take a direct flight from Tel Aviv to Beirut.

After meeting with reps from the Israeli government yesterday, in which she was brave enough to wave a patronizing finger and say ‘shame on you’ to her hosts for the unbridled settlement expansion in the suburbs of occupied East Jerusalem that has planned the construction of 1,300 new houses, she is following in the footsteps of other high-profile Western politicians such as David Milliband and Sarkozy and is dropping by Beirut to  “express the United States’ support for Lebanese democracy, for Lebanese sovereignty“.

This trail of famous personalities has left the Lebanese breathlessly wondering who will be the next to visit their superficially and temporarily healed country.

Rumour has it that Madonna might make a special appearance at this year’s Baalbeck Music Festival in July, but that story has sparked concerns amongst the hundreds of thousands in Lebanon’s refugee camps, who fear that the Princess of Pop may perform a child-snatching act in order to add another impoverished, disempowered mouth to her gaggle of third-world adoptees.

Apart from the 12th Imam, other high-profile personalities whose presences are hoped to grace the land of the Cedars in the coming months include Nelson Mandela, Bono and George Galloway, who has apparently received a personal invitation to Lebanon from Manouchehr Mottaki, Iran’s Foreign Minister.