21 July 2008

US forces kill Iraqi governor’s son

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 To echo some the reaction of some commentators to this AlJazeera article: why isn’t this being reported in the Western press?“US troops have shot dead the son and nephew of Hamid Hummud al-Shakti, the governor of Iraq’s northern Salaheddin province.

The deaths of Husam, the 17-year-old son, and Uday, the nephew, occurred during a raid on Sunday in the town of Baiji, police said.

Lieutenant-Colonel Saad al-Qaisi, al-Shakti’s brother, said American troops stormed a family house in the town of Beiji, where the governor’s son Husam and his cousin were staying.

He said: “They shot dead Husam and wounded three others. This is barbaric and inhuman.””

11 June 2008

the haunting

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After approximately 90,000 civilian deaths, 2 million refugees and 2.7 million internally displaced persons; after over five years of bombs, bullets, occupation and insurgency; after inconceivably appalling destruction however one measures it, rendered all the more tragic by the sheer frivolity of its initiation; G W Bush cannot admit mistake:
George Bush, the US president, has said that he has no regrets about his decision to wage war in Iraq.
I don’t regret it at all,” he said, during a visit to Germany to meet Angela Merkel, the country’s chancellor.
Does this vaccuous individual even give a second thought to the bloody, broken realities that came out of the barrels of guns that he authorized? Does he ever dare to imagine what it would be like if he were in the shoes of a father who lost his child or boy having to gather his most valuable possessions in the middle of the night in order to flee?
Even if he will never admit it publicly, I do hope that those are the thoughts that interrupt his sleep with nighmares.
Whether or not justice finally prevails and he is brought to trial for his lying, his warmongering and his absolute disredar for human life, I do hope that he is haunted until the day he dies by the ghosts whose blood stains his hands .