7 September 2008

Why Condi went to Tripoli

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Condoleeza Rice’s self-proclaimed “historic visit” to Libya and meeting with Colonel Qaddafi last week can probably be better explained by the latter’s affection towards the US Secretary of State than any solid geopolitical strategy:

“I support my darling black African woman.

I admire and am very proud of the way she leans back and gives orders to the Arab leaders

Yes, Leezza, Leezza, Leezza… I love her very much.”

Indeed, it is rumored that after the Colonel had finished serenading Ms. Rice from beneath her second story balcony with a Arabic-English cover of Donna Summer’s “Love to Love you Baby” (no doubt another nod in the direction of a self-confident, African-American woman), the two dignitaries discussed the possibility of the US quieting its accusations of Libyan human rights abuses in return for Libyan facilitation of extraterritorial rendition/torture tasks of US terror suspects; similar to the current deal in place with Libya’s neighbour, Egypt.

Against the intimacy of this recent rapprochement, cynics are questioning the real reasons behind Rice’s trip. Some are saying that this recent move hints that the Secretary of State is setting the stage for a career shift which could come in Janruary 2009, after the November 2008 elections, by weeding out admirers who could potentially come to constitute back-up vocalists in a post-politics career in entertainment.

When questioned about her affiliation to the Libyan president, Rice stated: “Outside the dribs and drabs of internaitonal diplomacy, we really bond through music. He’s introduced me to some cool Arab singers, like Farid al Atrash, while I’ve opened him up to some American singers. He took an immediate liking to Barry White”. With a smile, she added: “Mo has a ravishing voice.”

It is speculated that with another meeting scheduled in October, the two could crack a demo, and, with the right production, a single could be ready for release for the Christmas/Eid el Adha seasons.



  1. liam said,

    and a costume change inbetween each number…

  2. Didi said,


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